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Onboarding Agility: Responding to Covid-19

In response this time of rapid change and disruption we created this digital series to inspire Onboarders to lead in terms of AGILITY, RESILIENCE AND INNOVATION.


Intuit’s Onboarding Journey: Delivering a Rapid Pandemic Response

Onboarding has been totally upended by the pandemic and organizations are moving quickly to respond and deliver powerful new hire experiences. This is giving Onboarders the chance to test old assumptions and try experimental new hire experiences.


We’ll hear from Intuit’s Global Onboarding Leader as he shares key insights and strategies to address:

 Part 1:   Pre-start thru Day 1/ Orientation   

Part 2: Reshaping a Signature Onboarding Experience to Virtual.



Dwight Davis is the Global Onboarding Leader at Intuit. He is passionate and focused on helping individuals and organizations disrupt the status quo. His innovative spirit and naturally curious mindset bring transformational change to leaders, teams and programs. Dwight provides 20+ years of people and program leadership across multiple industries including tech, finance, higher education and nonprofits.  At Intuit, he is the Global Onboarding Leader and is developing the end to end strategy for the 1st year experience of all new employees.

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Omar Andrade leads IDEA DISTRICT, Inc., an association of new media editors, producers and project managers who conceptualize and commercialize thought leadership and events. 


In addition to Onboarding and New Hire Experience, IDEA DISTRICT’s work emphasizes projects related to the transformation of management processes or whole business sectors and the related technology and human capital implications. He counts as clients- HBR, Knowledge@Wharton, The Economist, The Conference Board, Oxford Analytica. 

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