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Elizabeth Pierce

Director, Learning Experience Consulting

Radical Pivots for Onboarding Engagement

You will learn how leading companies re-defining customer and employee experience have taken an Agile approach to increase new hire engagement in the era of virtual and Zoom fatigue.

Hacks include

  • Un-conferencing 

  • Switching up the Buddy Program 

  • Enabling at Home Performance and Wellness.

Reimagining Engagement in the New World of Onboarding 

The pandemic has created the need for digital Onboarding experiences that are engaging and effective. 

Video meeting fatigue and work from home distractions are two common challenges in our "new normal". 

In this module Intuit discusses new criteria for virtual onboarding and leveraging data and tools to provide effective just in time learning. 

The Future of Work –Digital & Distributed

VMWare quickly shifted to a distributed workforce using a digital workspace designed to enable our people to work anywhere, anytime using any app on any device and any cloud with a recognition that flexibility and choice would be two of the main tenants for success. 

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