The Five Points of Value: Onboarding in M&A

M&A saw nearly $3.0 trillion in deals in 2019, however failure rates hover between 70%-90% say McKinsey & HBR.

The most common reason? “Unanticipated people challenges.” 

M&A can cause massive disruption in the workplace. Too often the workforce is unequipped to navigate the change they are about face.

Onboarding can provide valuable expertise at the most critical phase for M&A success - welcoming new joiners and setting them up for success.

Topics include how to:

• Onboarding preparation for the employee integration 

• Preparing leaders to navigate and succeed

• Understanding the stages of employee transition 

• Taking steps to prepare when you see change is on the horizon or at your doorstep 

• Thriving professionally by seeing the career growth opportunities


Jennifer has seen countless growth strategies fail due to a workforce that couldn’t integrate and adapt because they were not connected with the company’s vision and purpose. Onboarding leaders play a critical role in helping the workforce make that connection to seize the opportunities that come with change. 

Jennifer J Fondrevay is the Founder and Chief Humanity officer of Day1 ReadyTM, and author of NOW WHAT? A Survivor’s Guide for Thriving Through Mergers & Acquisitions, 

Jennifer will share her research and best practices for the onboarding practitioner wanting to add value to his/her organization during the M&A onboarding transitions. 


Omar Andrade leads IDEA DISTRICT, Inc., an association of new media editors, producers and project managers who conceptualize and commercialize thought leadership and events. 


In addition to Onboarding and New Hire Experience, IDEA DISTRICT’s work emphasizes projects related to the transformation of management processes or whole business sectors and the related technology and human capital implications. He counts as clients- HBR, Knowledge@Wharton, The Economist, The Conference Board, Oxford Analytica. 

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