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Onboarding Design Academy

 July  15-16, 2018  CHICAGO Hosted at PwC  

Onboarding Seminars: New Managers / New Leaders

NYC October 2018

Onboarding l 2025 Annual Conference Fall 2018

November 28-30  DC Hosted at the World Bank

Onboarding | 2025: Onboarding + Employee Transitions Conference and Seminar

Onboarding and New Hire Experience provide a powerful lens on the trends becoming integrated into the landscape of doing business and the evolving employee lifecycle. The Onboarding and Employee Transitions Conference convenes thought leaders from some of the most innovative and influential companies setting the pace for Onboarding and Employee Experience excellence. These large global companies consider, discover and report on how they will attract, integrate, develop and retain their people in light of a new work environment.​

PwC Headquarters, NYC, Fall 2016

Ramp It Up: Sales Enablement Roundtable

New Sales Hire Onboarding done well represents a strategic advantage in sales performance. Whether it's accelerating success, creating engagement impacting pipeline or improving the retention of sales talent. We will hear from the world's leading companies and how they are upgrading the new hire experience, effectiveness and success of sales-people.

Autodesk Headquarters, San Francisco, Fall 2016

Onboarding | 2025: Onboarding & the Hiring Manager Conference & Labs

The Onboarding / Hiring Managers Synapse holds immense influence in new hire success, engagement, performance and retention, but even leading organizations see this as opportunity for improvement. Onboarding has a great deal to contribute to hiring manager engagement. This iteration of ONBOARDING|2025 brings together Onboarding leaders setting the pace in for success with their principal customer in the enterprise - Hiring Managers.

Science Museum of Minnesota, Summer 2016

Onboarding | 2025: New Hire Experience Conference: Sales, Engineering, & Tech

Leaders in Sales, Engineering, Technology, People and Operations are leveraging Onboarding and the New Hire Experience to gain a tangible opportunity for impact in: Engagement, Enablement and Performance at every level.


Leading companies are looking to deeper talent integration programs which include Functional and Role-Based Onboarding


This conference dove deep into the Onboarding strategies of some of the world’s leading businesses as they present case studies and dialogs focused not only on the tactics, but also on the philosophies surrounding the attraction, orientation, socialization and development of their people. 

LinkedIn Headquarters, Silicon Valley, Spring 2016

Onboarding | 2025: Culture + Engagement Conference

What does Onboarding and New Hire Experience look like ten years out?

Leading companies are looking to new integrated perspectives which place Onboarding at a crucial nexus of talent integration. Onboarding leaders at these firms are leveraging Onboarding and the New Hire Experience to gain a tangible opportunity for impact in Culture, L&D, Employee Engagement, and Performance.


This conference will dive deep into the Onboarding strategies of some of the world’s leading business as they present case studies and dialogs focused not only on the tactics, but also the philosophies surrounding the orientation, socialization, and development of their people. 

Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta, Winter 2015

Onboarding | 2025 Conference: Onboarding and the New Hire Experience

Best Practices in Onboarding and The New Hire Experience:


LinkedIn- Social Collaborative Strategies for Onboarding

JPMorgan Chase- Uprgrading Onboarding from Process to Assimilation Experience

Accenture- Multi-channel Onboaring

Facebook- Fast Onboarding for Global Scale

Bechtel-  Leveraging Globalization to Move Onboarding Forward

AbbVie- Orientation and New Hire Experience

3M- Onboarding Best Practices for Post-Merger Integration


 LABs: Leadership / Learning and Development / Performance / Engagement


Manager Engagement:Hiring Manager as Last Mile of Onboarding

Ignite Collaboration- Social Onboarding for 21st Century Workforces

Onboarding Buy In- Communication, Influence and Sponsorship

Beyond the Basics- Onboarding Provisioning Excellence 

Mergers & Acquisitions - The Critical Role of Onboarding

3M Global Innovation Center, St. Paul, Summer 2015

Onboarding | 2025: Strategy, Technology & Transformation for the New Hire Experience

Onboarding continues to evolve as organizations accelerate talent strategies and HR departments increase the pace of re-invention and transformation toward increasingly user-friendly experience-based service delivery models designed to enhance agility, performance, engagement and culture transmission.

Harvard Club, NYC, Winter 2014

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